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Our team

REPORT'in is a multidisciplinary team of experienced doctors, airline pilots, computer scientists, psychotherapists... passionate about safety, the medical world, aviation, and human factors. The different perspectives that each brings allows REPORT'in to offer a comprehensive approach and tailored solutions to your needs.

The management

Frederik van der Monde - Founder & Managing Director

Frederik van der Monde

Frederik van der Monde has 15 years of experience in risk analysis and management as an airline pilot. He is instructor in human factors management and flight simulator instructor.

He has studied three years of medicine before becoming a pilot, and has always been interested in what aviation could share with other areas where technology, human skills and procedures are to improve security.

Guillaume Tirtiaux - Development & Training Director

Guillaume Tirtiaux was trained as polytechnical engineer and holds a degree in space science and technology.

Airline pilot since 2000, captain, flight instructor and examiner in several airlines, Guillaume has gained valuable experience in identifying threats and managing risks, the roots of flight safety.

Gerald Coseyns - General Manager - Flanders

Active for more than 26 years in the aviation industry, including 14 years as captain, Gerald has extensive experience both as military and civilian pilot, and has over has been acting for over 20 years as instructor at different levels.

Now mainly involved in training of newly hired pilots and the teaching of CRM, error management in respect to the handling of new sophisticated procedures is part of his daily environment.

Philippe Le Marchand - Technical Director

Philippe Le Marchand

Philippe Le Marchand holds a master degree in computer science and is expert in computer security. He has contributed to the development of secured bank trading solutions and voting systems.

Founder of NOCTIS SOFTWARE, he is currently responsible for the development of e-Government solutions, CMS designer for the European Parliament and in charge of IT for the European Emergency Number Association (112 emergency number).


Scientific advisors


Emeritus Professor of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine of UCL.

Founder in 1981 of the Department of General, Digestive and Endocrine Surgery at the University Clinics of Mont-Godinne.
Former Instructor in Surgery at Harvard Medical School at the Massachusetts General Hospital Chief Resident & associate at the Mayo Clinic .

Author of more than 200 scientific publications, he has worked for several years on risk management techniques with a particular interest in the application of checklists in operating rooms; subject for which he gained national and international recognition since 2009 .

Dr. Grégory Kalscheuer - Cardiovascular surgeon

Dr. Gregory Kalscheuer is specializing in cardiovascular surgery, and has a strong interest in new technologies. He is currently studying to obtain a master degree in computer science.

He constantly seeks to reconcile these different areas in search of the benefits that arise from the collaboration between seemingly distant fields. In this sense, he advises REPORT'in in its efforts to adapt civil aviation tools to medicine.

Dr. Julie van der Monde - Obstetrician

Dr. van der Monde, an obstetrician gynaecologist at the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, has always paralleled the specifics of medicine and civil aviation, comparing their similarities and differences.

Since the beginning, Dr. van der Monde has helped to the development of REPORT'in in advising and sharing her experience as specialist working in team in a university hospital.

Dr. Fabien Descamps - Urologist

Dr. Fabien Descamps is a urologic surgeon, graduate of the ULB in 1996.

Passionate of flying, he obtained his private pilot license in 2006 and is a member of the flying club of Lille Marcq.

Aware of the many similarities between the medical community and the aviation industry, convinced of the effectiveness of risk prevention techniques implemented for many years in civil aviation, he advises REPORT’in of the specific challenges of the medical community, particularly regarding the operating room.


Collaborators et instructors

Guibert de Quirini - CRM Training Manager

Guibert of Quirini has accumulated more than 15,000 flight hours in 25 years in various airlines including Sabena.

Captain since 1996, he is also instructor at the Brussels CAE simulation centre where he trains future airline pilots and leads CRM trainings.
Today, Guibert de Quirini shares his strong instructing experience in simulation and human factors with hospitals who aim to improve patient safety.

Guibert adapts REPORT'in's human factors training programs to the specificities of each hospital.

Claude De Vroey

Industrial Ingineer, Claude started his career at SABENA, the Belgian flag carrier. He was first officer within the company and has been entitled simulator instructor. Today, he is captain, flying the Boeing 747, for a major european freight carrier.  
He has now accumulated more than 10000 flying and many years as instructor.

Very interested by healthcare, passionated by human factors, Claude studies inter professional links.

Within REPORT'in, Claude adapts the aviation safety culture to healthcare and trains the future simulator instructors.

Dimitri Colin - Check List training manager

Dimitri Colin has a master degree in industrial engineering and conducted experimental studies in the aerodynamic department of the VUB. He also led a career as a software engineer and, as such, worked for many renown companies.

In 2007, at the age of 36, Dimitri became an airline pilot. He now flies as captain on Boeing. He is also instructor in aerodynamics for student pilots.

Dimitri actively trains physicians and nurses to the importance of proper check list use and human factors. He is also Check list training manager within REPORT'in

Nèle Heuson

Daughter of an oncologist doctor, Nèle holds a master degree in physical sciences, and is an airline pilot. She worked for both Sabena and business aviation companies as captain and instructor. She now flies for Air France.

Fascinated by the influence of human factors in aviation and medicine, Nèle is responsible for the development of lifelong learning (e-Learning) at REPORT'in and also brings her expertise as instructor in CRM.

Passionated by the impact of human factors,Nèle is in charge of the recurrent training within REPORT'in (e-Learning) and is also check list & CRM instructor  .

Marie-Lore Bagon

Marie-Lore began her career as an airline pilot for Sabena in 1997. After 2001, she went on flying for various companies in Belgium and abroad.
She totalises nearly 10,000 flight hours and flies as captain. In parallel, since 2008, Marie-Lore is a flight simulator instructor and has trained many pilots who since fly for different companies worldwide.

Within the REPORT'in team, Marie-Lore trains physicians and nurses on the methodology of use of the check -list in several hospitals.

Bernard Heuse

With more than 12.000 hours of flight, Bernard Heuse has an extensive flying experience. Commercial, charter or freight flights, Bernard has always been passionated by his job.  

He is now 44 years old, long haul captain on Boeing 777 and line instructor since 2003. he also teaches the basics of flying to the future Belgian airline pilots.

Passionated by teaching & learning, Bernard is an active trainer within REPORT'in, sharing his expertise and enthusiasm whig all physicians and nurse concerned by patient safety improvement.

Gérard Menier

Gérard Meier is pilot on several aircraft types since he was 16.
Graduated as Commercial Engineer, he started his career in charge of teams within some international companies before becoming airline pilot.

He flew for SABENA the Belgian flag carrier as for several airliners of various cultures.
Today, at Eurocontrol, he represents his european colleagues as safety expert.  

With more than 14.000 flying hours, Gérard also trains the future airline pilots in one of the major flying school of Belgium and healthcare team to the importance of human factors.

Luc Van Dijk

Luc Van Dijck started his career at SABENA as flight engineer in 1989. For nine years, he flew long haul and experienced the complexity of work in a crew of 3 members. Internal trainings brought him in the pilot seat in 1998.    

Luc became captain in 2006 and, since 10 years he is instructor in the world leading simulation company. He is recognized expert in human factors training techniques and examiner in CRM for young professional pilots.

Luc share his expertise within REPORT'in by developing training programs and teaching & learning techniques specific to healthcare simulation training.

Joeri Canon

Joeri is airline pilot for 10 years and started his carrer in Austria. He flies today for for a major Belgian carrier. He has now flying experience on the Dash 8, Airbus A300 and Boeing 737.  

Captain on Bae 146 since 2013, he is now in command of the Boeing 737 and instructor.  

Joeri has major interests in all aspects of training, pedagogy and human factors.