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Could your checklists be more efficient ?

Although it has been proven to reduce patient harm by as much as 30% (NEJM 2009), the Safe Surgery Checklist is still seldom used.
Medical teams often see it as an administrative task, unhelpful, and ressource and time consuming. Moreover, they have most of the time not received any specific training about checklists. As a consequence, what could be a useful safety tool does not protect patients, nor medical staff and hospitals from a likely incident.
Thence, the filling rate of  the checklist remains low and jeopardizes the hospital's accreditation process.

What they say after Check-List training experience with REPORT'in


-1- Improve your checklists !


  • Shares with you its airline expertise of checklists
  • Helps you improve existing checklists
  • Creates new, faster and more efficient checklists
  • Makes your checklists more attractive for your users
  • Helps you obtain the accreditation of the operating theaters
  • Strengthens collaboration among the teams
  • Asks for the opinion of frontline staff
  • Teaches a methodology for the use of your checklist (see below)

-2- Train your teams !



  • Offers a Safety Culture training
  • Teaches notions of Human Factors management - CRM
  • Suggests a methodology for the use of your checklist
  • Enables validation through experimentation
  • Explains the changes made to your checklist
  • Explains the reason for each checklist item
  • Trains your teams to the appropriate method of use
  • Brings immediate improvements to Safety
  • Arouses more professionalism, discipline and leadership

Without adaptations and training, you will not reach your goals !


They trusted REPORT'in