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About checklists


Results of studies concerning the use of the Safe Surgery Checklist show a reduction in patient deaths by 45% and a reduction in inpatient complications by 35% (New England Journal of Medicine, January 29th, 2009). The number of lives that could be saved in Belgium is easy to work out.

Hence, the systematic and effective use of the Safe Surgery Checklist has a positive impact on patient safety, on staff well-being and on hospital reputation and finance.


Checklists enable the systematic control of major items before a medical procedure, enhance coordination among the team, induce accountability, reduce stress, generate a climate of confidence, and therefor significantly reduce omissions and errors and thus incidents and accidents.

Even though in the vast majority of cases the checklist has initially been welcomed by target users, today most of these use it very rarely or sometimes never. This is due to the fact that target users lack the deep understanding of the benefits of using a checklist due to a lack of training.


With its instructors totalizing tens of thousands of flight hours and of systematic and rigorous use of checklists :

REPORT’in offers the several necessary improvements that will significantly improve the efficiency of your checklists.

REPORT’in provides theoretical and practical training covering the learning of a proven method of use for checklists, ensuring immediate improvements in patient safety.